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Collaboration with Adriana Cavalcanti
Mother Earth
Paper clay

Collaboration piece with Adriana Cavalcanti, using reclaimed paper to create the rock like structures. The stacked figure refers to the fragile balance of nature.

Drawing on a shared love for ceramics and nature, this collaboration engages an unexplored medium of paper clay to construct shapes while focusing on the paramount figure of Mother. The sculpture Mother Earth is a symbol of creation, balance, connectedness and community. In creating this representation we are recognizing the meaningfulness of creating life and depicting the devotion of “Mother” as well honoring “Our Mother Earth”.

Adriana - Intrigued by our paradoxical relationship between dependence and detachment to the natural world, I use art to restore that connection and engage with communities. Clay is my favorite medium, but I also often use natural elements such as leaves, living plants and wood. My work varies from functional, interactive and sculptural. Work in collaboration is often part of my methodology, as I use different media aiming to explore environmental and social issues.

Rochelle - Working with various media to explore questions and concepts related to human experiences is my approach to art making. I am always searching for ways to represent wholeness and groundedness. Exploring the archetype of Mother through natural shapes emphasizes my focus on flow and femininity. Connecting the archetype of Mother to our planet is a way of bringing attention to the current issues that we all face in caring for our creator.